Glow In Dark Akatsuki Member Logos Sneaker With Matching Socks

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Custom Akatsuki sneakers glow in dark with Akatsuki member headband logos and red clouds.

Free glow in dark Akatsuki socks will added for free, to match the itachi shoes.

Process days:

Normally 3-7 days, depends on the orders. All the shoes are bought from local stores.

 Shipping days:

2-3 weeks, worldwide shipping

What includes:

one pair of glow in dark akatsuki sneakers, The sneaker is not a VANS, just a normal sneaker.

one pair of matching socks.

Size choose:

EU-FM: 36, is EU female size 36.

EU-M: 40, is EU male size 40.

If need EU-FM 42, please choose EU-M: 41 1/3, male size is a littler larger than female size.